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AboutUs-ImgWe wish to introduce our company “SEALS” established in year 2006 to provide “SPIRIT & ECO-ADVENTURE EXPERIENCES” to the Local & International Society. Our company vision is to ease up the burden of our client by active and positive participation and knowledge sharing. The main company strength comes from possessing an upgraded Eco-Adventure Safety & Technical knowledge managed by a set of versatile professionals. Further more delivering pragmatic flexible solutions have become our success. As an “SPIRIT & ECO-ADVENTURE” company we take the pride for the faith and trust our clients displayed by entrusting their requirements to us during our brief history. It offers us the opportunity to open up for different avenues and provides the strength to diversify the company in present global business context.

Company Philosophy

SPIRIT & ECO-ADVENTURE LIVING SQUAD (SEALS) is a diversified company with the core competencies of providing total solutions in Personal Development and Eco-Adventure Tourism applications.

Our Main Interests:

  • - Nature Conservation
  • - Inward bound Training Programmes
  • - Day Spend Fellowship Events
  • - MICE
  • - Event Management
  • - Adventure Race Projects
  • - Eco-Adventure Tourism
  • - Agro Tourism 
  • - Game Shows & Reality Shows
  • - Interpreter & Guide Service
  • - Eco-Adventure Consultancy & Product Development
  • - Family Reunion Programmes
  • - Workshop & Retreats
  • - Eco-Adventure Tours

We are specialized in:

  • - Eco-Adventure Design, Construction & Consultancy
  • - TTR- Train The Trainers Programmes
  • - Outbound Training Programmes
  • - Environment Conservation Research Projects
  • - Eco-Lodge Development, Eco- Interior Deco & Landscaping
  • - Analog forestry & Organic Farming 
  • - Life Saving, First Aid, Eco-Adventure Safety & Rescue  
  • - Terrestrial, Air & Aquatic Adventure Design & Construction
  • - Survival Techniques, ISS/ISDA/IOF Safety Signals Handling
  • - Practical Knots Handling
  • - Outdoor Camping & Safari
  • - Trekking, Hiking, & Mountaineering
  • - Rafting, Kayaking & Canoeing
  • - Paintball & Marksmanship
  • - Snorkeling & Diving,
  • - Mountain Biking
  • - Caving, Nature Wedding, Bird Watching, Frogging
  • - Dolphin & Whale Watching, Turtle Watching
  • - Yoga Meditation  & Spiritual Journey

Our company is in possession of modern and updated technological know-how and a group of versatile professionals in various fields. These have set the strength to the company to under take complex challenges and responsibilities in our field.
The exposure and the experience our staff possesses locally and internationally permits us to under take any responsibility effectively to achieve our client’s goal.

We are affiliated with:

  1. Asia Pacific Regional Ecotourism Council (APREC)
  2. Sri Lanka Ecotourism Foundation (SLEF)
  3. Field Ornithology  Group of Sri Lanka (FOGSL)
  4. Eco-Adventure Accreditation & Facilitation Institute (EAAFI)
  5. Eco-Adventure Base Camp Kithulgala (EABC)
  6. Sri Lanka Nature Forum (SLNF)
  7. “Wanspathi” Nature Team
  8. Providing of Security to Public & Private Sector with Mission Protected (Pvt) Ltd
  9. Huilan (Pvt) Ltd – Marine  Adventure Tour Operator
  10. Go Lanka Holidays (Pvt) Ltd
  11. Adventure Cycling Association
  12. The International Ecorourism Society


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Organization Details

Company Name  “SEALS” Spirit & Eco-Adventure Living Squad
Date of Established 07th FEB 2006
Registration No W79876
Nature of Business   Eco-Adventure Tourism & Education.
Corporate Base No 08/10, Thelawala Road, Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka.
Our Eco-Adventure Sites Kithulgala,Bolgoda,Hanwella,Yala,Ayagama.Trinco,Tangall,Dambulla,Kurunagala,Habarana,Mathugma,Ella.
Board of Directors  T G M Priyadarshana  - Managing Director
  Lieutenant Colonel Duminda Galappaththi - Director
  M.A.Dilhani Fernando - Genaral Manager
  T.G.H.U.Kumara - Genaral Manager

    Our Team of Facilitators & Safety

  • Our teams of facilitators are skilled & friendly with a comprehensive knowledge in outdoor education, are trained locally& abroad. They accumulated professionalism in the field of Spirit & Eco- Adventure activities from various qualified facilitators of different background. The main priority is safety, quality service, and transferring of learning points to the participant's to influence their day to day life and working environment. Their devotion of imparting their best training & course through their technical skills and friendship will give you a memorable experience with us in “SEALS.

In our activities the safety factor is considered most vital. All activities are designed and implemented with the Safety Factor being given priority. State-of the-Art equipment used on SEALS activities are of the highest quality
We exercise highest safety standards in all activities carried out by us, especially in eco-adventure activities by:

  • Carrying out safety checks on all equipment used for activities on a regular basis and immediately before an activity.
  • Ensuring that activities are carried out under the supervision of well trained, experienced facilitators, and
  • Providing all participants with the necessary Safety Gear required carrying out an activity and ensuring the participants wear proper and appropriate safety gear when taking part in any activity.

When you participate in our activities you would begin an “Inward Bound Exploration” with yourselves.

  • TG Mahesh Priyadarshana
  • Executive Course Director
  • Graduate in Bachelor of Bsc. Natural Science.
  • 16 Years of experience in Ecological Research Filed in Sri Lanka IUCN, YZA, NSRC, Plan International, MFC, FOGSL, Bird Club, NFPO, SLNF
  •  Keen Naturalist, Eco adventure Specialist & Qualified Training Specialist
  • Working experience – Eco Adventure experience soft skill & hard skill – 11 years   (Serendib leisure group / Hotel Sigiriya / Eco team (Pvt) Ltd / wild drift / River Garden Resort / Wild holidays / SLEF (Sri Lanka Eco Tourism Foundation)  
  • 08 Years of Eco-Adventure & PDP Training experience in Wild Holidays (Pvt)Ltd
  • Former General Manager Branding & OPS in Wild Holidays (Pvt)Ltd
  • Eco adventure Race, Kit Challenge, Derana Real Leader Product Development & Executive Course Director
  •             -     Current  President of EAAFI(Eco-Adventure Accreditation Facilitation Institute)
  •             -     Qualified National Tourist Guide  Lecture
  • Lieutenant Colonel Duminda Galappaththi
  • Director Outdoor Operation and Adventure Training 
  • Many years of Military service and training with U.S. Army and a qualified commando officer.   
  • Graduate in Army Command and Staff College - Batalanda
  • Actively participated in all operations since 1992 to last Humanitarian Operation.
  • Qualified Paratrooper and rigger.
  • Qualified Sniper and Marksman.
  • He is a keen Naturalist
  • Followed many courses in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
  • Qualified IHL and HR instructor.
  • Qualified as a physical training instructor Pune - India.  
  • Consultant in Security in many organizations.
  • TGHU Kumara
  • General Manager Branding & Operation/ Race Director
  •   -     He is an Ex Army Eco Adventure Engineering Specialist.
  •   -     Experience in  Local Marketing & Operations’
  •   -     Many years of Eco Adventure Engineering & Safety Auditing Background.
  •         -     Eco adventure race, Kit challenge, Derana Real Leader Senior Facilitator for 6                                 
  •                year in Wild Holidays (Pvt)Ltd
  • Dushan Yasitha Gamage
  • Inbound Tour & IT Manager
  • He is a Travel Trade Specialist & Experience in Inbound Tour Operations’
  • Successfully completed MS-OFFICE XP at Software solution academy Computers.
  • Followed Diploma in computer hardware engineering at British Informatics of computer Technology.
  • Followed  the Diploma In ITE IDNC International Diploma in Networks and Cyber security at Informatics campus.[Singapore]      
  • Followed   the advance Diploma In ITE IDNC International Advance Diploma in Networks and Cyber security at Informatics campus.[Singapore]
  • M.A.Dilhani Fernando
  • General Manager Admin &  Spur
  •   -     She is a Teenagers Training Specialist.
  •   -     Many years of Outdoor Education Background.
  • Commander D V Champaka Paulis PSV, FISF, Bsc. Eng, Dip. Project Management
  • Aqua Adventure Consultant
  • Former Commander Sri Lanka  Navel Force
  • Qualified Marine Engineer 
  • Chandana Kumara Bsc, MBA
  • Group Management Consultant & Trainer
  • Scope of consultancy & Training spans all area of quality management & Human Resource Management including the following
  • Productivity improvement
  • Quality improvement & Quality Management Systems
  • National Productivity Award
  • National Quality Award
  • Disciplinary Procedures & Labour Law
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Quality Cirdes & Quality Tools
  •  Major Chamith Kellapatha AIA(SL)
  •  Group Architect
  •  Qualified Landscape Architect & Many years of Military service
  • Lieutenant Commander A N Pinidiya  Bsc.(Ds)Eng,MBA
  • Consultant Aqua Adventure & Aqua Safety Auditor
  • Former Lieutenant Commander Sri Lanka  Navel Force
  • Qualified Marine Navigator
  • AAS Pushpakumara
  • Senior Manager Skill Development
  •        -   22 years of Military service as a Warrant Officer in Commando regiment
  •        -   He is a Paratrooper and Eco Adventure Engineering Specialist.
  •        -   Many years of Eco Adventure Engineering Background.
  •  -   Eco adventure race and Kit challenge Race Senior Facilitator for 7 years.
  • O D T S Rupasingha
  • Chief  Facilitator
  •        -   Many years of Navel  Service as a Warrant Officer in Special Boat Squadron  
  •        -   He is a Life Saver, Deep Sea Diver, Sailor, and Marine Specialist Recce Team Specialist
  • Obtained "hard & soft skills" competency and friendly with a comprehensive knowledge in Outdoor Education.  

We Make Your Dream

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