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We offer Outdoor Camping and Safari covering entire range of geographical and vegetation in Sri Lanka. These programmes are being conducted in National Parks, Wilderness Sanctuaries and Nature Reserves etc. This is an excellent outing to get experiences with nature, culture, adventure and leisure. Camping is a very enthralling and fashionable outdoor activity among many that connected with variety of purposes. For exploration, trekking, fishing, bird watching, Wilderness Research, photographing, archaeological excavating. In Sri Lanka, we provide such facilities in various locations which belong to various climatic conditions. So we have many of well-known camp sites which suit to activities you have planned and preferences of your team..

We offer varied of Camping Types

Standard Camping
Basic facilities available are spacious tent, journey mattress, bed linen, towel, sleeping bag, torch & umbrella, boot rack, towel rack, portable flushing toilet and running water shower area, first-aid kit, portable arm chair with out side living setup, fully furnished  comfortable dining area, no electricity but eliminate locale torches, hurricane lamp & gas lamp, bonfire with BBQ setup, relaxing hammock.
Premium Camping
This concept is a development of the above base camp with additional comforts such as comfortable folding bed, Insect & leach replant, leach shocks, sun burn lotion, Portable fan, solar light elimination inside the tent, binocular, field writing material, reading material about the living area attaché portable flushing toilet and running water shower cubical, hot water, first-aid & survival kit, raincoat.
Deluxe Camping
In these camps, the never could stay without any fear or hindrance with regard to comfort. This concept is an also development of the above premium camp with additional comforts such as….
Ultra spacious tent with a bed room, living room, attached bathroom with hot & cold water, kingside camp bed, baggage rack, dressing table, mini bar, fruit basket, flower & candle lighting arrangement, portable dual fan, laptop & digital camera charging facility, coffee table with relaxing two arm chairs, radio set.

Base Camp Camping 
These are residential camps which are not moveable
Mobile Camping
In Si Lanka the above concept is thought to be moveable camping, where in goods are moved, re-fixed, and therefore known as mobile camping. The actual idea is that of a caravan with super luxury fittings & comforts.
Backpacker Camping
Trackers, trekkers, mountaineers & Expeditions Teams use backpack (Rucksack) camping gear carried in there respective backpacks.
Backpacker campers usually use earthly colures in keeping with the jungle and other environments.

Localities: - Any Part of the island

  • - DWLC Camp ( All National Parks )
  • - Singharaja Rain Forest Camp
  • - Samanala Camp ( Peak Wilderness Sanctuary )
  • - Dumbara Camp ( Knuckles Mountain Range )
  • - Adivasi Camp ( Indigenous Neighborhood – Dambana )
  • - Beach Camp ( All Island Beaches )
  • - Isolated Island Camp ( Lakes , Lagoons , Rivers , Tanks )
  • - Haritha Camp ( All Island Nature Reservoirs )
  • - Base Camp ( Our Own Locations )
  • - Rural Camp ( Self Suffusion Villages )
  • - Agro Camp ( Farmer hood Locations )

Package Includes:-

  • - Welcome Drink & Snack
  • - Guide Camping Map & Eco-Camping Principles
  • - Meals & Accommodation
  • - BBQ Dinner & Entertainment
  • - Day & Night Safari
  • - Soft Mile Adventure & Recreation Games
  • - Meditation & Yoga
  • - Safari Jeep & Interpreter Guide Facilitator
  • - Safari Hat & T- Shirt
  • - Photographic CD

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