Eco-Adventure Programmes

 “The Journey and Eco - Adventure of life is learning”
The evolution of our universal is changing drastically. To keep the momentum, people at all levels will have to be creative to overcome the challenges. All individuals must be given the opportunity to discover and develop their true potentials. Our unique and educative activities with silence in the wilderness would facilitate people to discover their possibilities for personal development that will contribute the effectiveness and output of the human life.

Eco-Adventure Programme
Your Eco - adventure experience with us begins with refers to the moment of your separation from the safety of your comfort zone. Eco-Adventure Progamme is about adventure in the wilderness, dealing with challenges and working together in close teams and be with the nature always. You are responsible for yourself and each other, and open to the learning that comes from shared adventure.
Our Programme is open to all regardless of sex or social background. We uses direct, dramatic experiences in the wilderness with a new surroundings to help those taking part to discover their strength, build their confidence and re-examine their ideals and values. Demand adaptability, self discipline, resourcefulness and perseverance to face challenges and uncertainty. We provide personal development using adventure activities as means of personal growth.
We encourage participants to co-operate with others, to give service and accept responsibility for others. We stimulate the imagination and sense of adventure, and foster true appreciation and concern for the environment.

  • Our Team of Facilitators & Safety

Our teams of facilitators are skilled & friendly with a comprehensive knowledge in outdoor education, are trained locally& abroad. They accumulated professionalism in the field of Spirit & Eco- Adventure activities from various qualified facilitators of different background. The main priority is safety, quality service, and transferring of learning points to the participant's to influence their day to day life and working environment. Their devotion of imparting their best training & course through their technical skills and friendship will give you a memorable experience with us in “SEALS

In our activities the safety factor is considered most vital. All activities are designed and implemented with the Safety Factor being given priority. State-of the-Art equipment used on SEALS activities are of the highest quality
We exercise highest safety standards in all activities carried out by us, especially in eco-adventure activities by:

  • Carrying out safety checks on all equipment used for activities on a regular basis and immediately before an activity.
  • Ensuring that activities are carried out under the supervision of well trained, experienced facilitators, and
  • Providing all participants with the necessary Safety Gear required carrying out an activity and ensuring the participants wear proper and appropriate safety gear when taking part in any activity.

When you participate in our activities you would begin an “Inward Bound Exploration” with yourselves.
Learning points are transferable

Our facilitator will facilitate the review session after each activity. The main aim is to stimulate the team to participate in an active communication to drive out the learning points happening during the activities. Our adventure activities are challenging and impactful; therefore it will impel people to discover their possibilities .The learning points and values acquired during the course are transferable and everlasting.
SEALS emphasize Eco-Adventure programs open to everyone, strengthening your character and willingness to accept the challenges.

  • - Building trust, leadership skill and self confidence.
  • - Maximizing the utility and preservation natural resources
  • - Facilitating conflict issues.
  • - Developing high performing team
  • - Energizing individuals and teams
  • - Improving communication, understanding and Interaction
  • - To deliver High quality educational courses those are Fun, inspirational and rewarding.
  • - Setting a new challenge in demanding Eco - adventure activities.

Our Eco-Adventure Activities

Out Door Camping & Safari, Trekking, High king, Mountaineering, White Water Rafting, Kayaking Canoeing, Paintball & Marksmanship, Snorkeling & Diving, Parasailing, Board Surfing & Wind Surfing, Tubing, Waters keeping & Jets Key, Banana boating, Boat Safari,  Sailing, Backwater Fishing & Deep Sea Fishing, Canyoneerig, Rock Climbing & Abseiling, High Rope & Low Rope Course,  Wall Climbing, 4x4 Challenge, Dung Biking, Orienteering, Hot Air Ballooning, Mountain Biking, Eco-Adventure Race, Caving, Experience with Sri Lankan Wadda Tribes, Nature Wedding. Wilderness Research, Bird Watching, Village Hopping, Turtle Watching, Froging, Dolphins & Whale Watching, Meditation, Yoga & Solo Camp.
HillCountryTour LowCountryTour Ramayanaya
Back Water Fishing Hot Air Ballooning Paint Ball

 Our Eco Adventure Sites

1. Eco-Adventure Base Camp Kithulgala – Approx. 90 km from Colombo
2. Eco-Adventure Lake Base Bolgoda – Approx. 20 km from Colombo
3. Handunkanda Eco Lodge Ayagama – Approx 98km from Colombo
4. Island wide – Mobile Wilderness’ Camping
  Eco-Adventure PicEco-Adventure PicEco-Adventure PicEco-Adventure PicEco-Adventure PicEco-Adventure PicEco-Adventure PicEco-Adventure PicEco-Adventure PicEco-Adventure PicEco-Adventure PicEco-Adventure Pic

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