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We wish to introduce our company “SEALS” established in year 2006 to provide “SPIRIT & ECO-ADVENTURE EXPERIENCES” to the Local & International Society. Our company vision is to ease up the burden of our client by active and positive participation and knowledge sharing.

The main company strength comes from possessing an upgraded Eco-Adventure Safety & Technical knowledge managed by a set of versatile professionals. Further more delivering pragmatic flexible solutions have become our success.

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 About Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka commonly known as CEYLON in the days gone by is a tear drop shaped island lying off the southern most coast of India. From the tropical beach with the temperature at around 29 C, within 4 -5 hours journey by road or rail to the central parts of the country, lies the hill country with its breathtaking scenery where the temperature drops to 10 C. A similar short journey will take the visitor to the ruins of Sri Lanka’s ancient civilization with a recorded history of over 2500 years.

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 Camping & Safari

We offer Outdoor Camping and Safari covering entire range of geographical and vegetation in Sri Lanka. These programmes are being conducted in National Parks, Wilderness Sanctuaries and Nature Reserves etc. This is an excellent outing to get experiences with nature, culture, adventure and leisure.

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CAVING IN SRI LANKA: The enthralling activities of Caving is slightly novel to Sri Lanka, but with an inspiring range of caves have been situated throughout the country it's a remarkable experience not to be missed!. With some of Sri Lanka's caves dating back approximately 500 million years, this is an Eco-Adventure into the prehistoric period!

What is Speleology : Speleology is the science of exploring underground spaces. In this it is a sort of betwixt science, which means, it used several other sciences for its own purposes. The most important sciences for speleology are geology, geography, surveying, biology, archaeology, paleontology and of course engineering for the equipment. A famous French caver, Norbert Casteret, once said: "speleology is sports in service of science". This shows that practical speleology is a lot of sports, climbing, abseiling, and squeezing through narrow passages. .

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 Dolphin & Whale watching

All cetaceans are supremely adapted to life in the oceans. Dolphins, Porpoises & whales all belong to agroup of warm-blooded, breath air &suckle their young. But how do you distinguish one from the other. The 80 species of cetaceans in the world are placed in two main groups. One group, the Mysticetes or baleen whales, with about 14 species, includes the largest whales, namely the blue & fin whales.

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 Inward Bound Exploration

We use direct, dramatic experiences in the wilderness with new surroundings to help those taking part to discover their hidden potential, build their confidence and re-examine their ideals and values. We provide personal development using Eco Adventure activities as means of personal growth.

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